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Christy Jersin Woods

Consultant PRN
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 7805

Christy Jersin Woods is an Instructional Designer consultant for the Work+ program in University College. She assists with the design and development of online and blended course materials, leveraging multiple instructional technologies and applying best practices in teaching and learning. 



M.Ed., Educational Leadership in Higher Education, Northern Arizona University, 2021

B.A., Counseling Psychology, Colorado Mesa University, 2015


Jersin Woods, C. (2021, August 17). Fall is Coming: Tips for Returning to the Classroom (That You Might Not Think of). [Blog Post]. SOLS Teaching Innovation Center. 

Jersin Woods, C., Ott, L., & Prosory, S. (2021, July 23). Teaching Innovation Center: Who we are and what we do. [Blog Post]. SOLS Teaching Innovation Center.

Jersin Woods, C. (2021, July 12). Creating Peer-to-Peer Interaction in Online Courses  [Blog Post]. SOLS Teaching Innovation Center.

Lewis, T., & Jersin Woods, C. (2021, May 24). Alt Text for Scientific Graphics: Balancing between Accessibility and Giving the Answers. [Blog Post]. SOLS Teaching Innovation Center.

Jones, K. N., Hoover, S.,  Glaeser, E., Jersin Woods, C. Clark, M. & Brewster, M. (2021). Thematic Qualitative Content Analysis of Cishet Allies’ Activism: Perceptions of Igniting Events and Barriers to Activism, Journal of Homosexuality, Ahead of Print, 1-23. doi: 10.1080/00918369.2021.1917220

Jersin Woods, C. (2021, April 22). Help your students manage their energy, not their time. [Blog Post]. SOLS Teaching Innovation Center.

Nyline, B. , Softas-Nall, L. , Peterson, E. , Peake, M. and Jersin Woods, C. (2018) Inaccuracies in Facial Recognition of Fear and Sadness for Male Domestic Violence Offenders. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 6, 37-51. doi: 10.4236/jss.2018.62004.

Fall 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
ASU 101-TPSThe ASU Experience
Fall 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
ASU 101-TPSThe ASU Experience