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Abigail Weibel

Project Manager Associate
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 6004

Current work:

Project Manager Associate for ASU's Interplanetary Initiative 


Previous ASU work: 

Crystal structure modeler for SESE 3D Mineral Physics Project (Dan Shim Lab)

Data management for ASU Low-frequency Cosmology Lab (Ask Dr. Discovery)


Previous internships:

Art intern for NASA Psyche Mission (Psyche Inspired)


Volunteer & outreach:

NASA Space Grant

Space Frontier Foundation

NASA Psyche Mission

School of Earth and Space Exploration


Bachelor of Science in Earth & Space Exploration, concentrating in geological sciences

Research Interests

"Rainfall frequency, not quantity, controls isopod effect on litter decomposition"

In a full-factorial microcosm experiment we disentangled the effect of rainfall quantity and frequency on both microbial- and detritivore-driven litter decomposition.