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Andre Filipe Rodrigues Augusto

Associate Research Scientist
Post Doctoral Scholars, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5706

André Augusto received his PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems in 2013 from the University of Lisbon in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During his PhD he developed a new process to grow solar grade silicon ribbons from a gas phase. He also worked extensively on Net Zero Energy buildings and energy efficiency. Nowadays is the head of research on silicon heterojunction solar cells at ASU Solar Power Laboratory. He is leading multiple projects related with silicon solar cells, modules, PV systems and sustainability. In 2017 he experimental demonstrated a silicon device with open-circuit voltage over 760 mV and bandgap voltage offset below 0.35 V. Nowadays is exploring new ways to advance silicon solar cells, for example by using thinner (and flexible) silicon substrates. 


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A. Augusto, S. Y. Herasimenka, Richard R. King, S. G. Bowden, and Christiana Honsberg, Analysis of the recombination mechanisms of a silicon solar cell with low bandgap-voltage offset, J. Appl. Phys. 121, 205704 (2017)

A. Augusto, E. Looney, C. Cañizo, S. G. Bowden, T. Buonassisi, Thin Silicon Solar Cells: Pathway to Cost-Effective and Defect-Tolerant Cell Design, Energy Procedia 24, 706-711 (2017)

A. Augusto, F. Serra, A. M. Vallêra, J. M. Serra, Silicon film deposition on crystalline, sintered and powder substrates using an inline optical processing CVD system, physica status solidi (c) 11, 1657–1660 (2014) 

A. Augusto, D. Pera, H. J Choi, P. Bellanger, M.C. Brito, J. Maia Alves, A. M. Vallêra, T. Buonassisi, J. M. Serra, Residual stress and dislocations density in silicon ribbons grown via optical zone melting, J. Appl. Phys. 113, 083510 (2013)

G. C. da Graça, A. Augusto, M. M. Lerer, Solar powered net zero energy houses for southern Europe: Feasibility study, Solar Energy 86, 634-646 (2012)

Research Activity: 

Impact of undoped substrates on high performance silicon solar cells, ASU, U.S. DOE DE-EE0008549 (2019-20)

Identification and Analysis of Performance Degradation Pathways in Silicon Heterojunction Modules Arising from Metallization and Cell Interconnection, UNSW-Sydney and ASU, ARENA-Australia (2018-20) 

Reliability of modules with high efficiency solar cells with Cu-plated contacts, ASU, U.S. DOE DE-AC36-08GO28308 (2017-19)

Development of online educational resources for PV manufacturing, UNSW-Sydney and ASU, ARENA-Australia (2017-18)

Economic Si heterojunction solar cells with optimized photon management, Caltech, ASU, MIT and NREL, U.S. DOE Bay Area Photovoltaic Consortium, DE‑EE0004946 (2016-18)

Advanced 100 Watt solar blanket for squad power, PowerFilm Inc. and ASU, U.S. DOD contract W56KGU14C0014 (2016-2017)

Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
EEE 498Pro-Seminar
EEE 591Seminar
Spring 2017
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EEE 498Pro-Seminar
EEE 591Seminar
Spring 2016
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EEE 498Pro-Seminar
EEE 591Seminar

EEE 498/591: Science and Technology of Solar Cell Fabrication - 2016, 2017, 2018