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Elena Steiner

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Hugh Downs School Of Comm
Research Specialist PRN
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1205

Worldview assumptions and differences are at the core of misunderstanding and conflict. As a researcher and practitioner, I study the impact of worldview and culture on communication in global organizations and directly apply the results to improve global team relationships and performance. Reliably detecting worldviews in multinational organizations and across 1.1+ million global transitions each year is an imperative to prevent, mitigate, and recover from conflict and ensure successful ventures. Every organization is intercultural. Every member comes from a cultural group. Every culture has shared patterns of worldviews--the tacit ways every human sees reality and thinks it should be.

What difficulties do global teams experience?
What tacit worldview assumptions cause the difficulties?
How can global teams detect the relationship between the two?
How can organizations adapt strategic messages to audiences across multiple worldviews?

Academic experience:

Arizona State University:
* Research Assistant at the Center for Strategic Communication

Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin
*Research Fellow Intercultural and Strategic Communication, Instructional Design, Lecturer

Regis University, College of Professional Studies:
* Affiliate faculty and Lead Faculty for Strategic Communication
* Facilitated courses in Cultural Intelligence, Intercultural Communication, Leadership Principles, Conflict Management, Nonverbal Communication, Speech Communication. and Research Methods.
University of Colorado: Adjunct Faculty in Intercultural Communication.


Arizona State Univeristy, Doctor of Philosophy, Intercultural Communication 2019 Dissertation: A Worldview MAP Approach to Intercultural Competence in a Multinational Organization in Europe and Japan

Regis University, Master of Arts, International Communication 2007, Graduate Certificates: Negotiation Training, Adult Learning and Facilitation.

North Carolina State University, Bachelor of Arts 1993, Business Administration and Management, Emphasis: International Finance