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Jessica Barnett

Faculty, POLY Campus, Mailcode 2180

Jessica Barnett is a developer, designer, maker, and student native to Arizona. She completed her undergraduate degree in Graphic Information Technology at Arizona State University Polytechnic with a focus in web design and development and software engineering in May of 2019. She then graduated in December 2019 with a Masters of Science in Technology with the same focus.

Before returning to college, Jessica led design teams remotely, organizing content and talent, and promoting products through blogs and social media. She has experience in teaching various creative arts and in tutoring students in technical subjects. Her passions include making the complicated accessible to everyone.

Jessica uses her knowledge of code and user-friendly design to bridge the gap between engineering and design and to create usable, functional, and robust web applications.


Master of Science in Technology in Graphic Information Technology December 2019

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology May 2019