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Heather Mossberger

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Shift Supervisor
University Staff, POLY Campus, Mailcode 1006

Heather is currently the Evening Shift Supervisor at ASU Library's High Density Collection or remote storage facility. Other ASU Library locations send older and less frequently used materials to the facility where they are sorted by size, placed into fixed locations, and retrieved and transported to the campus libraries when requested by patrons. Requested articles and book chapters are scanned and the digital copies are sent to patrons. Heather is now certified to drive a forklift because the forklift is used to retrieve items from shelving up to 30 feet high!

Heather came to ASU Library in 2014, working as an overnight Collection Maintenance Specialist at Hayden Library where she discovered that she enjoyed the security aspect of the job as much as she liked the more traditional library work.

Heather is a native Midwesterner, having grown up in Detroit before attending college in Ohio and then moving to Chicago. Heather previously worked at the University of Chicago's Crerar Library as a Technical Processing Assistant where she primarily worked with serials.



Masters of Library and Information Science, Dominican University

Bachelor of Arts (English), Kent State University