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Hin Ming Frankie Chik

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Grad Teaching Associate, Chinese
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 0202
Student Information:
Graduate Student
East Asian Languages and Civilizations (Chinese)
Liberal Arts & Sciences


His main field of interest is pre-modern Chinese thought with a focus on the relationship between state power and knowledge. After finishing his master thesis that explores the development of classical knowledge in the late Qing period and graduating from Hong Kong Baptist University’s Chinese Language and Literature program, he began his doctoral study at Arizona State University. His doctoral dissertation aims to examine how legends of sages’ miraculous births in pre-Tang period were employed to consolidate the legitimacy of each dynasty. He is also an author of two book reviews and a translator of a monograph related to the intellectual history in Han dynasty. 

  • Ph.D student, East Asian Languages and Civilizations (Chinese), School of International and Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University, United States. 2014- present.
  • Master of Philosophy in Chinese Language & Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. 2012-2014.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese Language and Literature (First Class), Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. 2008-2012.
Research Interests

Early Chinese Thought and Religion


Invited Publications

  • “2016 Meiguo Zhuzixue yanjiu zongshu” 2016美國朱子學研究綜述 (Report on Zhuzi Studies in the United State in 2016), 2016 Zhuzixue nianjian 朱子學年鑒(2016 Yearbook on Zhuzi Studies), Commercial Press: Beijing, 2017.
  • “2015 Meiguo Zhuzixue yanjiu zongshu” 2015美國朱子學研究綜述 (Report on Zhuzi Studies in the United State in 2015), 2015 Zhuzixue nianjian 朱子學年鑒(2015 Yearbook on Zhuzi Studies). Commercial Press: Beijing, 2016, pp. 151-3.
  • “2013-2014 Meiguo Zhuzixue yanjiu zongshu” 2013-2014美國朱子學研究綜述 (Report on Zhuzi Studies in the United State from 2013 to 2014), with Liu Qian, 2014 Zhuzixue nianjian 朱子學年鑒(2014 Yearbook on Zhuzi Studies), Commercial Press: Beijing, 2015. pp. 155-59.


  • Dong Zhongshu, A “Confucian” Heritage and the Chunqiu fanlu 董仲舒:儒家遺產與《春秋繁露》by Loewe, Michael., Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Co, 2017. [English-Chinese]. with Chen Haozhe and Wang Jue.

Book Reviews

  • Yang Xiong de fanshi yanjiu: xihan monian xueshu fanshi chongtu de shezhong zhi li揚雄的範式研究:西漢末年學術範式衝突的折中之例(Studies on the Paradigm of Yang Xiong: An Example on the Eclecticism of Academic Paradigm of Conflict Cases in the Western Han Dynasty), by Fung Shu Fun馮樹勳. Hanxue yanjiu漢學研究(Journal of Chinese Studies) 35.2(2017, June), pp. 359-364.
  • Review of Zai xifang faxian ChenYinke: Zhongguo jindai renwenxue de dongfangxue yu xixue beijing在西方發現陳寅恪:中國近代人文學的東方學與西學背景(Discovering Chen Yinke in the Western World: The Eastern and Western Background of the Modern Chinese Humanities) by Chen Huaiyu陳懷宇. Zhongyang yanjiuyuan jindai shi yanjiusuo jikan中央研究院近代史研究所集刊(Journal of Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica) 91(2016, March), pp. 169-177. 
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SLC 120Intro to Chinese Culture
CHI 120Intro to Chinese Culture
Honors / Awards
  • Stanford East Asia Library Travel Grant, Stanford University. 2018
  • University Graduate Fellowship, Arizona State University. 2017
  • Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Individual Travel Grant, Arizona State University. 2016
  • Graduate Travel Award, Arizona State University. 2016
  • Hing Fong Scholarship Award, Arizona State University. 2016
  • Wen Hsin Undergraduate Scholarship, Hong Kong Baptist University. 2012.
  • Wing Lung Bank Scholarships, Hong Kong Baptist University. 2012.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Simon Suen Scholarship for Outstanding Students, Hong Kong Baptist University. 2011.