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Student Information:
Graduate Student
Biology (Biology and Society)
Liberal Arts & Sciences

Undergraduate Student
Biological Sciences (Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior)
Liberal Arts & Sciences


Jada is a Biological Sciences student currently pursing a Master's in Biology (Biology and Society) through the Accelerated Master's Program (4+1). Outside of ASU, Jada has successfully completed a vehicular internship with Phoenix Fire Department, and is now working as a paramedic. EMS and hospital experiences have helped Jada to develop an interest in the medical field, and wishes to continue onto medical school to become a physician. With a deep interest and fascination with medicine, she has always wondered about how medicine and disease processes help shape the human society. For research, Jada is primarily interested in the emerging epidemic of Zika virus— believing that what is considered as a mild disease or mild virus is not-so-mild, and can have devastating effects on the human society. She wishes to do further investigations on the societal interaction with Zika virus, specifically through established protocols regarding epidemics through local and national agencies. 


Bachelor of Science — Biological Sciences (Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior) at Arizona State University, class of 2018

Accelerated Master's Program in Biology (Biology and Society)




§  2015 AZ Bio Awards 

Poster presentation on Parent-of-origin effects in Turner Syndrome patients

§  2015 The International Society for Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health Inaugural Meeting 

Flash talk and poster presentation on Parent-of-origin effects in Turner Syndrome patients


Honors / Awards

Recipient of ASU Scholarship of New American University Scholar — Provosts Award — for undergraduate and graduate studies