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Kathryn "Katie" Drzewiecki is a consultant research assistant (supervisor), behavioral programmer, and technical support wizard in the Social Addictions Impulse Lab (SAIL) in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University. She has assisted with 3 posters in the addictions (one first authorship) and 1 poster in soil microbiology; she currenty has two manuscripts in progress for the SAIL Lab. Her accomplishments include preforming edits to the programs used in the SAIL, including making significant changes to a base version of the BART (Balloon Analogue Risk Task) to create the X-BART (eXpected pumps BART), writing half of the protocols used in the SAIL Lab, and ensuring proper storage and handling of confidential data. In addition to being a member of SAIL, Ms. Drzewiecki has privately tutored over 1,100 hours primarily in high school mathematics with a special focus on students with ADD/ADHD.

Unofficial "Office" Hours: PSYN 306 - M-W 12-2p - Th 5-8p - F 1-6p


B.S. Psychology 2017, Arizona State University

B.S. Statistics 2017, Arizona State University

Research Interests

Cognition in Education

Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education

Intelligent Tutoring Systems & Educational Data Mining

Research Group

Social Addictions Impulse Lab at Arizona State University's Tempe Campus


Drzewiecki, K.C., Patock-Peckham, J.A., Curtis, J., Madrid, G., Bauman, D., Aviles, N., Corbin, W.R. (June, 2018). Can we learn new things about state impulsive choice and drinking by using a modified balloon analogue risk task - BART? Poster was presented at Research Society on Alcoholism, San Diego, CA.

Drzewiecki, K.C., Stettler Jr., D., Broatch, J., Marshall, P.A. (November, 2017). Wastewater sludge and resulting changes on soil microbiomes. Poster was presented at Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students, Phoenix, AZ.

Belton, D.A., Patock-Peckham, J.A., Drzewiecki, K. C. , Johnson, K., & Canning, J.R. (June, 2017).  PTSD and impaired control as mediators of the trauma to alcohol use and problems pathway:  The story of emotional and sexual abuse. [Special Issue] Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, ​41, 155A.

Belton, D.A., Drzewiecki, K. C. , Johnson, K.E., Cirivello, N., Walters, K.J., Medina, M.C., Patock-Peckham, J.A. (June, 2016). Are self-concealment and stress mediators of the childhood trauma to heavy episodic drinking and alcohol-related problems pathways? [Special Issue] Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 40, ​165A.

Research Activity

Relationships Between the X-BART and the YAACQ

Expertise Areas