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Scott Prada

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Global Launch
Education Specialist
Student Worker, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 9701
Student Information:
Graduate Student
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


After recieving my degree in Russian I worked in the Retail industry in management until deciding to return to school to pursue a second B.A. in Religious Studies. Afterward, I entered the Master's program for Religious Studies, first studying and researching American Daoism, then switching to Religion and Ecology. Although the subject is interesting and worthy of research I decided to pursue a teaching degree. After receiving my M.Ed. I worked as a Substitute Teacher for a year until returning to ASU to pursue my PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics researching Ecolinguistics, Languages of Russia and Second Language Acquisition. I have studied 13 languages and continue to study mainly the languages of Russia.


Arizona State University, 1997, B.A. Russian

Arizona State University, 2016, B.A. Religious Studies

Arizona State University, 2020, M.Ed. Elementary Education

Research Interests: 

Research interests include the impact explicit vocabulary instruction has on reading comprehension, the study, ecology and preservation of the indigenous languages of Russia, and the emerging field of Ecolinguistics or Language Ecology.