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Suniya Luthar

Foundation Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1104

Suniya S. Luthar is Foundation Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University and Professor Emerita, Columbia Univerisity's Teachers College.  After receiving her Ph.D. (Distinction) from Yale University in 1990, she served on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry and the Child Study Center at Yale.  Between 1997 and 2013, she was Professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College, where she also served as Senior Advisor to the Provost (2011-2013).  

In addition to numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, Dr. Luthar has published several books including Resilience and vulnerability in childhood and Poverty and children’s adjustment.   She has served as Associate Editor of Developmental Psychology and Development and Psychopathology, as Chair of a grant review study section at the National Institutes of Health, member of the Governing Council of the Society for Research on Child Development, and of the American Psychological Association's Committee on Socioeconomic Status, and its Council of Representatives.  She has been recognized as a Fellow of the American Association for Psychological Science (APS) and has received a Dissertation Award and the Boyd McCandless Young Scientist Award, both from the American Psychological Association, a Research Scientist Development (K) Award from the National Institutes of Health, and an American Mensa Education and Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research on Intelligence.



Research Interests

Dr. Luthar's research involves vulnerability and resilience among various populations including youth in poverty and children in families affected by mental illness.  Her recent work has focused on children in affluent communities, and her findings on problems among these youth -- particularly pertaining to substance use, anxiety, and rule-breaking -- have received much attention in the scientific community, among parents and school administrators, and in the national media.

Recent media coverage includes (for more, please see

New York Times, Oct.11, 2017. Why are more American teenagers…suffering from severe anxiety?

KJZZ, Oct 6, 2017. Authentic Connections program expected to head to ASU.

NPR, Sept. 28, 2017. Mommy mentors help fight the stigma of postpartum mood disorder.

The State Press, Sept. 22, 2017. ASU students facing anxiety or depression.. may underutilize resources.

US News & World Reports, Sept. 12. Is growing up with money a risk factor for …addiction?

American Psychological Association, Sept. 2017. Maximizing children's resilience., Aug 16, 2017. Twice as many teen girls are killing themselves & we don’t know why.

PBS Arizona (video), Aug 9, 2017. Celebrity suicides.

Fox10 News (video), July 30, 2017. Psychologist weighs in on how and why Chester Bennington took his own life.

ASUNow, July 27, 2017. ASU psychology professor sheds light on rockers’ twin suicides.

KTAR News, July 26, 2017. ASU study says wealthy teens more likely to be addicted.

Harvard Kennedy School, July 24, 2017. Rich teens, drug abuse and the importance of involved parents.

BYU Radio, Top of Mind (audio), July 19, 2017. Kids in high-achieving schools: Addiction down the road?

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Research Group

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Recent publications (for more, please see please see

Luthar, S. S. (In press). Doing for the greater good: What price, in academe? Perspectives on Psychological Science. 

Luthar, S. S., Small, P.J., Ciciolla, L. (2017). Adolescents from upper middle class communities: Substance misuse and addiction across early adulthood. Development and Psychopathology. First view: DOI:

Ciciolla, L., Curlee, A., & Luthar, S. S. (2017). What women want: Employment preference and adjustment among mothers. Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Online first: DOI 10.1007/s10834-017-9534-7.

Infurna, F. J., & Luthar, S. S. (2017). Parent’s adjustment following the death of their child: Resilience is multidimensional and differs across outcomes examined. Journal of Personality, 68, 38-53.

Infurna, F.J. & Luthar, S. S. (2017). The multidimensional nature of resilience to spousal loss. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 112, 926-947.

Luthar, S.S., Curlee, A., Tye, S.J., Engelman, J.C., &. Stonnington, C. M. (2017). Fostering resilience among mothers under stress: “Authentic Connections Groups” for medical professionals. Women’s Health Issues. DOI:

Luthar, S.S., & Eisenberg, N. (2017). Resilient adaptation among at-risk children: Harnessing science toward maximizing salutary environments. Child Development, 88, 337–349. doi:10.1111/cdev.1273m


Research Activity
Fall 2017
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PSY 443Abnormal Child Psychology
PSY 780Practicum
Spring 2017
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PSY 680Practicum
Fall 2016
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PSY 780Practicum
Spring 2016
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PSY 680Practicum
Fall 2015
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PSY 443Abnormal Child Psychology
Spring 2015
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PSY 680Practicum
Fall 2014
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PSY 591Seminar
Spring 2014
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PSY 680Practicum