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Lisa Whelan

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Program Manager Research
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 6011

Lisa has been part of the ASU community for 20 years and has been charged with the oversight of numerous large-scale projects for the past 11 years. Her work as a Project Manager includes extensive engagement with local, federal, international, and private industry partners in support of university research development. Such partners include NASA, USAID, DARPA, and the Gates Foundation, as well as many other Federal and International organizations.

Over the course of her career at ASU, Lisa has assisted students and faculty in academic services as well as financial policies, and research advancement. Prior to joining ASU, Lisa spent nearly 10 years in the private sector which includes experience in large office and personnel management in the media/advertising/newspaper industry. She received her bachelor’s degree from ASU in 2009 and later went on to receive her master’s from NAU in 2013.

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