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Brianna Miloz

Career Counselor
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 3206

I am currently serving as a Program Coordinator in the Office of National Scholarship Advisement at Arizona State University. Focusing on inclusivity is important to me, as I strive to achieve it in my everyday life. As a biracial woman I am faced with many challenges daily however, it is my goal as a leader to generate awareness on the lack of equal opportunities and adversities marginalized individuals are facing in today’s society.

I desire to help others be proud of who they are and to embrace their individualism. As a leader, I value the importance of learning and educating ourselves on equality and basic human rights. By informing individuals about people of other cultural, ethnic, gender and sexual orientation backgrounds they can realize their commonalities among others.

Through my current and past experiences, I have developed strong leadership and organizational skills leading me towards success. I continue to seek new ways to develop and implement programs or ideas that will lead towards creating equitable change in life, on campus, and in society. With my degrees in Business Management and Marketing, Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs and background in leadership, I am interested in focusing on a career path that will provide me the opportunity to express my passion for bringing individuals together.


M.A. Higher Education and Student Affairs- University of Connecticut 

B.S. Business Marketing- Northern Arizona University 

B.S. Business Management- Northern Arizona University