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Elicia Ratajczyk

Student Information:
Graduate Student
Environmental Social Science
Liberal Arts & Sciences


Elicia has a unique interdisciplinary background in environmental design, architecture, and public administration. She came to ASU after gaining substantial professional experience ranging from more than five years with an architecture and engineering firm to leading a participatory design program at an NGO dedicated to affordable housing and an internship with the sustainability coordinator at a local municipal government. She has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design, followed by a master’s in Architecture, a graduate certificate in Sustainable Urban Infrastructure, and graduate work focused on sustainability in public administration at the University of Colorado.  

Research Interests

Elicia's currentresearch interests focus on the design of coupled infrastructure systems, including social, technological, and ecological infrastructures, and thier affect upon the robustness of social-ecological systems. She is particularly interested in participatory design processes which incorporate and empower the knowledge and collective action of local users. Her research requires interdisciplinary collaboration and multi-method approaches along with a range of techniques which help to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst a wide range of participants in order to generate practical results.