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Susan Somerville

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Emeritus Professor
Emeritus Professor

Professor, Department of Psychology (Developmental), College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


PhD, Australian National University, 1970

Research Interests

Cognitive development, language acquisition, children's drawings, and cognitive processes in children and adults

Research Projects

Representation of objects in photographs and drawings
Short-term longitudinal study of children's acquisition of expertise


Dr. Somerville's Lab website

Research Interests: 
Cognitive Development Logical Reasoning Expertise
  • H Kloos, Susan Somerville. Providing impetus for conceptual change: The effect of organizing the input. Cognitive Development (2001).
  • K Kontak, Susan Somerville. Young children's updating and recall of impressions: Effects of informativeness and deception. Journal of Cognition and Development (2001).
  • Kloos, H., and Somerville, Susan C. Mass, Volume and Density: Preschoolers' Sensitivity to Logical Congruence. Society for Research in Child Development, Biennial Meeting (Apr 2003).
  • Khalil, S.L., and Somerville, Susan C. Young children's understanding of drawing from observation and from imagination. Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development (Apr 2001).
  • NSF-Science of Learning Center Proposal, Site Visitor (Member of Group of Site Visitors) (2004 - 2004)
  • National Science Foundation, Site Visitor, Science of Learning Center Proposal (2004)
  • Oxford University Press, Reviewer of Proposal for Book on Spatial Cognition (2004)