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Charlotte Till

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Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 2402
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Graduate Student
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Charlotte is an International Graduate student from New Zealand who came to ASU to pursue her PhD in Anthropology in Aug 2013. She recieved her Masters in Anthropology in May 2015 and is continuing on with PhD studies. Her areas of interest are Human Migration, Migration Decision Making, and Environmental Perceptions. She is currently focusing on decision making in relation to migration, specifically in the context of environmental change. This is a very current and important issue that is being faced by an ever increasing number of people across the planet.She is looking forward to investigating this challenging topic and hopes to bring an anthropological perspective to what is increasingly a research area divorced from the 'people' involved. While the majority of literature in similar areas focuses on large international movements of those who live in the Global South, Charlotte's work focuses on internal movements (domestic migration) of those in the developed Global North. Her pirmary field work will be conducted in the US Gulf Coast, primarily in the coastal areas of eastern Louisiana.

Her presence in the US for my graduate education would not have been possible without being awarded a Science and Innovation Scholarship through the Fulbright Program. 



2007-2012 - BA (Hons) - Anthropology / BSc (Hons) - Genetics. Otago University, New Zealand

2013-2015 - MA Anthropology Arizona State University, USA

2015 - Present - PhD  Anthropology Arizona State University, USA. Advanced to Candidacy Spetember 2018

Research Interests: 

I am interested in bridging knowledge and understanding between Anthropology and Climate Research. Migration, Decision making, and the 'people' aspect of the situation rather than the 'numbers' is my main area of interest. The role of the enviornment in decision making is a big focus of mine. I am equally interested in trying to understand how personal perspectives about what "the environment" even means impact decision processes.

Being able to build a sound and successful research effort is also an interest on mine. I have been involved in investigating research effotrs where the best of intentions were not able to be followed through - with the hopes that the lessons learned from these efforts can be used to better inform future ones.

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