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Hailey Cohan

Sols Graduate Programs
Grad Service Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 4601
Student Information:
Graduate Student
Biology (Biology and Society)
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


As a premed student who grew up with two business compliance specialist parents, Hailey was interested in medicine and compliance to standards and ethics early in her education. After exploring bioethics at ASU and learning about medical academia and clinical standards, Hailey realized that there is a deficit of conversation about end of life care options. End of life is a stage of medicine and human experience that affects all cultures and socioeconomic levels, but it is frequently avoided in medical planning protocols and academic studies. This phenomenon has been documented as leading to prolonged suffering in terminal illness and missed opportunities to provide more relief to patients suffering at the end of life. 

Arizona is a state that does not currently allow for physician-assisted suicide as a form of death with dignity for the terminally ill, but that does not mean that Arizonians overall do not support this practice or even that they do not want it as an available option. Hailey studies the clinical practices surrounding the dying process in America including hospital settings, hospice settings, and home settings. She is interested in understanding how we within the medical and academic communities can help foster a good death for terminally ill patients and what the factors are that would constitute that good death. Hailey also studies the barriers and catalysts to physician-assisted suicide being legalized in Arizona with specific emphasis on the awareness levels and perceptions of the medical communityand academic community. In the future Hailey intends to pursue a medical degree and affect broad change and awareness in the medical field for better standards of empathetic and ethical care. 


BS Biology and Society, Arizona State University, 2017

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University Graduate, 2017 

Minor in Business, Arizona State University, 2017

MS Biology and Society, Arizona State University, 2018

Research Interests

Research Interests: Death with Dignity, Physician-Assisted Suicide, Medical Ethics Committees, end-of-life care in the US, bioethics, medical technology, medical and reseach policy 

Research Focus: Physician and policitcal perceptions of death with dignity in Arizona 

Research Group

Mentors: Dr. Karin Ellison

Research Activity

Undergraduate Thesis: Physician and Medical Ethics Committee Members' Perceptions of Death with Dignity in Arizona

Spring 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
BIO 181General Biology I
Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
BIO 100The Living World
BIO 416Biomedical Research Ethics
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
BIO 416Biomedical Research Ethics
Honors / Awards

National Merit Scholar

ASU CLAS Student Leader 



Barrett Talent Match mentor and officer, 2014-2017