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Abigail Sullivan

ASU Wrigley Institute
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Post Doctoral Scholars, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5402

Abigail Sullivan is an environmental social scientist studying social-ecological systems and environmental governance from an institutional perspective. Her research has explored invasive species issues, water governance, climate change policy, pro-environmental behaviors, and renewable energies. She is broadly interested in understanding factors influencing collective action in communities facing global environmental changes and how these communities overcome associated barriers; collective action processes at multiple scales; and modeling techniques to explore difficult to observe aspects of institutions, like long-term changes in social norms. As a postdoctoral researcher for Decision Center for a Desert City, she analyzes sustainability transitions in three cities (Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas) dependent on the Colorado River. To carry out her research, she regularly uses both qualitative and quantitative methods and finds that using a variety of tools often provides a more holistic understanding of social-ecological issues.

Research Interests

new institutional economics, environmental policy/management, collective action, institutions, coupled social ecological systems, system dynamics, resilience, transformation, agent based modeling, Nepal, community forestry, water systems, survey research, human rights, mixed methods