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Juan Carrillo

Associate Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5411

Juan F. Carrillo is an Associate Professor at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and a recipient of the 2020 American Educational Research Association's Division G Early Career Award (Social Context of Education). He is a native of working-class communities in south Los Angeles, California and the son of Mexican immigrants from the state of Sinaloa. Carrillo was a high school social studies teacher in south Phoenix, Arizona and east Austin, Texas. His work in K-12 schools also extends into the realms of mentoring, chairing departments, and curriculum design, always with the aim of reaching students in-context. 

Prior to joining ASU, Carrillo was an Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Education (UNC). At UNC, he was the founding director of the Latin@/x Education Research Hub, the Chiron Award recipient for teaching excellence and service, a board member with the Scholars’ Latino Initiative (SLI), and a Thorp Faculty Engaged Fellow.

Carrillo's interdisciplinary research draws from critical frameworks and qualitative methodologies such as narrative inquiry, autoethnography, and testimonios. His work looks at the role of agency in historically marginalized communities, with a particular focus on Latinx students. One of his focus areas is on the schooling trajectories of academically successful Latino males that come from working-class origins. Within this research strand, he covers issues of language, identity, intelligences, and agency in traditional gateway regions and cities and in rural and semi-rural spaces in the "New" Latinx south. Some of his current qualitative research looks at social movements in education. Part of this work centers the role of Latinx educators and community members in Arizona as they engage in various forms of collective action all while documenting critical takes on history, memory, language, civics, and public pedagogies.  Carrillo's research has been funded by the National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation and his publications include the books, "Barrio Nerds: Latino Males, Schooling, and the Beautiful Struggle" and "Mentoring Students of Color: Naming the Politics of Race, Social Class, Gender, and Power (lead editor)" and various articles in journals such as The High School Journal, Harvard Educational Review, and Educational Policy. Beyond traditional journal articles, his work and schooling journey has been cited by USA Today and The Texas Observer. Drawing from his scholarship and in collaboration with Dr. Jason Mendez, he merged public media and community engagement to develop the national level web-based series and online magazine, “Block Chronicles" ( The work related to BC has been presented at national level conferences and BC has profiled individuals and communities in places such as Puerto Rico, California, New Mexico,  New York, and Pennsylvania. Also, as a cultural studies in education scholar and as a passionate basketball fan, Dr. Carrillo developed a website where he shares some of his work at the intersections of basketball and "education," opening inquiry into an understudied area in education scholarship, especially as it relates to Latinxs ( He currently serves as an Associate Editor with The Urban Review journal and he is on the Educational Studies and Journal of Latinos and Education editorial advisory board.


  • Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, Cultural Studies in Education, University of Texas-Austin 2010
  • M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Grand Canyon University 2002
  • B.A. Sociology, Arizona State University 2000

Selected Publications

Carrillo, J.F., *Ender, T., & *Perez, J. (2017). Letters to our Children: Narrating Legacies of Love, Dissent, and Possibility. Journal of Latinos and Education, 5, 1-14.

Cervantes-Soon, C. & Carrillo, J.F. (2016). Toward a Pedagogy of Border Thinking: Building on Latin@ Students’ Subaltern Knowledge. The High School Journal, 99 (4), 282-301.

Carrillo, J.F. (2016). Searching for Home in Dixie: Identity and Education in the New Latin@ South. Educational Studies, 52 (1), 20-37.

Hughes, S., Dorsey, D.T., Carrillo, J.F. (2016). Causation Fallacy 2.0: Revisiting the myth and math of affirmative action. Educational Policy, 30 (1), 63-93.

Carrillo, J.F. (2013). I Always Knew I was Gifted: Latino Males and the Mestiz@ Theory of Intelligence. Berkeley Review of Education, 4 (1), 69-95.

Carrillo, J.F. (2013). The Unhomely in Academic Success: Latino Males Navigating the Ghetto Nerd Borderlands. Culture, Society, and Masculinities, 5 (2), 193-207. 

Carrillo, J.F. (2010). Teaching that Breaks Your Heart: Reflections on the Soul Wounds of a First Year Latina Teacher. Harvard Educational Review, 80 (1), 74-80.


Carrillo, J.F.  (2016). Barrio Nerds: Latino Males, Schooling, and the Beautiful Struggle. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Carrillo, J.F., *Parker, D., *Conder, T. (Lead editor, in press). Mentoring Students of Color: Naming the Politics of Race, Social Class, Gender, and Power. Sense Publishers.

*Collaborations with graduate students

Summer 2022
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TEL 710Innov Disseminating Res
TEL 780Practicum
Spring 2022
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ELL 515Structured Engl Immersion (SEI
DCI 790Reading and Conference
TEL 792Research
Fall 2021
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BLE 324Soc Studies/Diverse Lang Clsrm
Summer 2021
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ELL 515Structured Engl Immersion (SEI
Spring 2021
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TEL 702Dynamic Contexts of Education
Fall 2020
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BLE 324Soc Studies/Diverse Lang Clsrm
TEL 713Advanced Qualitative Methods
Spring 2020
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BLE 335Language Diversity-Classrooms
Fall 2019
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EPA 691Seminar
Spring 2019
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MCE 447Diversity in Multicultural Set
Honors / Awards: 

2018     American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education Book of the Year Award. Contributing author in book, Moving Forward: Policies, Planning, and Promoting Access of Hispanic College Students.

2015     Faculty Affiliate, University of Texas of Austin, PROJECT MALES.

2015     National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

2014     UNC Chiron Award for Teaching Excellence and Service

2014     UNC Thorp Faculty Engaged Fellow

2014     American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE)/ Ford Foundation Faculty Fellow

2008     Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellow