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Adrienne Baldwin-White

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Grad Service Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate, DTPHX Campus, Mailcode 3920
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Graduate Student
Social Work
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Adrienne Baldwin, MSW, is a doctoral candidate in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University. She received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Her research interests include sexual assault prevention, particularly in emerging adults and on college campuses, sexual assault prevention program development and evaluation, psychometric development and psychological distress and burnout in counselors and clinicians in behavioral and mental health. She is currently completing her dissertation examining the attitudes and beliefs of college students concerning sexual assault and rape. The knowledge gained will be used to inform prevention programming and the development of a scale to effectively measure attitudes toward sexual assault among college students.  

Research Interests

Sexual violence and assault prevention program development and evaluation; psychometric development of instruments related to sexual assault; sexual violence screening instrument development; practitioner self-efficacy and burnout. 


Baldwin-White, A. & Elias-Lambert, N. (2017). Influence of alcohol consumption on social work students’ levels of rape myth acceptance. Advances in Social Work

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Marsiglia, F. F., Booth, J. M., Baldwin, A, & Ayers, S. (2013). Acculturation and life satisfaction among immigrant Mexican adults. Advances in social work14(1), 49. 

Mendoza, N., Conrow, L., Baldwin, A. & Booth, J. (2012). Using GIS to  describe risk and neighborhood-level factors associated with substance abuse treatment outcomes, Journal of Community Psychology, 41:7, 799-810.

Marsiglia, F., Booth, J. & Baldwin, A. (2012). Individual practice with undocumented immigrants. Social Work Encyclopedia Online.


Research Activity

2015-Present     Sexual Violence Prevention Education Evaluation

Arizona State University Office of Health and Wellness 

I am responsible for assisting in the evaluation of the effectiveness of sexual assault prevention programming at Arizona State University through their Office of Health and Wellness. I statistically analyze data collected to assess which programs may be best suited to positively affect attitudes and beliefs about sexual assault; and bystanders’ increased willingness to intervene to prevent a sexual assault. 

2015 Principal Investigator

Sexual Assault Education and Healthcare

I was responsible for creating a sexual assault information pamphlet for patients at the office of a local obstetrician/gynecologist for all patients during yearly wellness exams and for any patient who disclosed that she had experienced sexual assault. 

2013-Present Program Evaluator

Funded-$1,300.00 Annually 

I am responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of three programs of a local community agency Unlimited Potential: Reading the World. This organization began as a literacy program for Latino/Hispanic families. Its current mission is to educate and empower Latino immigrant families. I evaluated the effectiveness of their child development program, their adult education program and parenting classes. 

2013-2015 Co-Investigator

Principal Investigator- Dr. Natasha Mendoza/ Women and Recovery-Maintain, Teach, Heal

Funded by Southwestern Interdisciplinary Research Center

I am primarily responsible for analyzing qualitative data. I coded interviews with women in recovery and those who are peer-support specialists to assist in the development of a curriculum to certify those who were once in recovery as peer support specialists. I am also responsible for assisting in writing a report for our community partner to assess their employees and clients; and help with writing manuscripts. 

2013-2014 Principal Investigator/ College Students and Rape Myth Acceptance

I conducted a study with college students, in particular social workers, to assess their level of rape myth acceptance and how that is affected by the consumption of alcohol by the sexual assault victim and/or perpetrator. 

2013 Research Assistant/Dr. Jill Messing/ OneLove

I was responsible for assisting with focus groups to evaluate a smartphone app that operates a decision aid to assist college students who are in abusive relationships. I was also responsible for assisting with manuscript development. 

2012-2015 Research Assistant

Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center/ Families Preparing a New Generation Project (FPNG)

Funded by the National Institute of Minority Health

I was primarily responsible for assisting with the FPNG project, an effectiveness trial to evaluate whether a community partner can execute a parent curriculum proven to help prevent adolescent substance abuse. I am responsible for attending monthly meetings with the community partner, assisting with research i.e. co-facilitating focus groups and help with curriculum development, and assisting with manuscripts. 

2012-2013 Principal Investigator

Burnout and its effects on substance abuse counselors

I conducted a pilot study on the levels of burnout of substance abuse counselors in order to help develop methods that could be employed in agencies and organizations to prevent the negative effects of burnout. This study also served to help in the development of an instrument to assess burnout in substance abuse counselors, and other practitioners in behavioral and mental health. 

Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
SWU 303Micro Human Behav Social Envir
SWU 320Research Methods in Social Wk
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 533Diversity/Oppression/Soc Work
SWG 619Practice-Oriented Research
Summer 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 519Research Methods/Social Work
Spring 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 519Research Methods/Social Work
SWG 618Adv Pract in Domestic Violenc
Fall 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 533Diversity/Oppression/Soc Work
SWG 619Practice-Oriented Research
Summer 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 619Practice-Oriented Research
Spring 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 519Research Methods/Social Work
Fall 2015
Course NumberCourse Title
SWU 320Research Methods in Social Wk
SWU 432Social Policy and Services
Summer 2015
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 515Bridge Seminar II
Spring 2015
Course NumberCourse Title
SWU 320Research Methods in Social Wk
SWU 374Diversity/Oppression/Soc Wk
Fall 2014
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 533Diversity/Oppression/Soc Work
SWG 619Practice-Oriented Research
Summer 2014
Course NumberCourse Title
SWU 474Ethnic/Cultural Variables SW
SWG 533Diversity/Oppression/Soc Work
Spring 2014
Course NumberCourse Title
SWU 498Pro-Seminar
SWG 591Seminar
Fall 2013
Course NumberCourse Title
SWU 432Social Policy and Services
Summer 2013
Course NumberCourse Title
SWU 171Introduction to Social Work


Baldwin-White, A. (2016). Rape myth acceptance among social work students. Arizona State University College of Public Service and Community Solutions Doctoral Student Research Conference. Phoenix, Arizona.

Baldwin-White, A., Kiehne, E. & Marsiglia, F. (2015). Pursuit of belonging: Ethnic identity,acculturation and perceived discrimination among Latino youth. Council on Social Work Education. Denver, Colorado.

Baldwin-White, A. (2015). The Relationship Between Perceptions of Alcohol Consumption      & Rape Myth   Acceptance Among College Students. Society for Social Work and Research Annual Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ayers, S. L., Marsiglia, F. F., Baldwin, A., & Booth, J. M.  (2014, December). How parents increase the effects of keepin’it REAL in Latino families. Poster presentation at the Minority Health and Health Disparities Grantees' Conference, National Harbor, MD. 

Baldwin, A. (2014). Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Social Worker's Levels of Rape Myth    Acceptance. Council on Social Work Education. Tampa, Florida.

Baldwin, A. (2014). The Effects of Alcohol on Social Worker’s Rape Myth Acceptance. International Conference for the Institute of Violence, Abuse and Trauma. San Diego, California.

Marsiglia, F. F., Ayers, S. L., Baldwin, A. & Booth, J. (2014). Increasing the effects of keepin’ it REAL: How a culturally-specific Mexican American parenting intervention can mediate long-term adolescent substance use outcomes. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Prevention Research, Washington, DC.

Ayers, S., Williams, L., Baldwin, A. & Marsiglia, F. (2014). The unintended effects of reducing youth substance use: Decreasing heavy drinking in parents. Annual Meeting American   Sociological Association. San Francisco, California.

Williams, L., Ayers, S., Baldwin, A. & Marsiglia, F. (2014). The unexpected effects of a culturally based substance use prevention program for Mexican heritage youth on parents   heavy drinking. Society for Research on Adolescence, Austin, Texas.

Williams, L., Ayers, S., Baldwin, A. & Marsiglia, F. (2014). Delayed initiation of alcohol use: A RCT of the parenting intervention Familias: Preparando la Nueva Generación. Society for         Research on Adolescence, Austin, Texas.

Baldwin, A., Ayers, S., Robbins, D. & Marsiglia, F. (2013). “Latinas and Substance Use: The     influence of Families Preparing a New Generation (FPNG) on smoking behaviors.” Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center Conference (SIRC), Phoenix, AZ.

Baldwin, A. & Mendoza, N. (2013). “Exploring the relationship between demographics, emotional exhaustion and depersonalization amongst substance abuse counselors.” Research Society on Alcoholism, Orlando, Florida.

Baldwin, A. & Mendoza, N. (2013). “Psychological distress among substance abuse counselors. Research Society on Alcoholism, Orlando, Florida. 

Honors / Awards

2017  ASU Graduate Professional Student Association Jumpstart Grant 

2014  ASU Graduate Professional Student Association Teaching Excellence Award

2012-2014  Doctoral Enrichment Minority Fellowship


Professional Associations
Society for Social Work Research Council on Social Work Education

Public and Community

2017-Present Sexual Violence Program Committee/ Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence

2011-2012  Rape Advocate/ Rape Crisis Center of Birmingham, Alabama  

2011-2012 National Association of Social Workers/ Alabama Chapter/ MSW Student Representative

University, College and School Service                                       

2013-2015 PhD Committee/ Doctoral Committee Student Representative 

2014-2015 President/ PhD Student Association 

2013-2014  Vice President/ PhD Student Association 

2013-Present SHADES Mentor/ Arizona State University Graduate School/ I serve as a mentor to new doctoral student fellows who have been given the Doctoral Enrichment Minority Fellowship. 


Ad hoc Reviewer                    

2017  Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Trauma, Abuse & Violence

2016    Violence Against Women

Advances in Social Work

Journal of Interpersonal Violence

2015   Affilia

2013   Journal of Community Psychology





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