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Brent Gabrielsen


Mr. Gabrielsen at an early age had an interest in audio electronics and the arts. At the age of 12 he constructed his first small powered radio station. The stations evolved through grade school and high school, moved to and from various friends homes, and gave them a platform to interview music groups including; The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and the Cream.

In high school he worked for various commercial broadcast stations as a Technician, DJ, and Music Director. Stations included KMND (now KDKB), KCAC (now KISS), KDOT (now KSLX) and KNIX. In 1968 at KNIX he was Music Director for one of the countries first "free form underground" stations. At that time Brent produced live local band recordings for broadcast. The group the Tubes utilized some of these tapes as part of there audition for A & M records.

His studies at Mesa Community College and Arizona State University included Electronics Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Music. In 1971 he successfully passed the FCC examination for the First Class Commercial Radio Telephone License. It was during this period that Brent was commissioned to design/build electronic music instruments for various artists and institutions. Custom Instruments included polyphonic electronic music synthesizer, percussion synthesizer, and programmable control device for analog synthesizers. The last two items were presented and published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. After college Mr. Gabrielsen was employed for 3 years by Motorola as a semiconductor technician in the T2L digital and Linear R/D groups.

In 1975 he opened Gabriel Sound & Engineering to meet the needs of a large range of groups for practical audio services. The early years included design/build custom projects including mixing consoles and amplifiers for institutions and performers. In the late 70's Brent was on staff at Phoenix's Celebrity theatre as the house monitor mixer and Tempe, Arizona's Dooleys as the technical director. Also Gabriel Sound provided and operated rental sound systems for various events including the world renowned Paradise Valley and Mexico Jazz Parties . A partial list of the groups and performers Brent's has had the opportunity to work with include, in no particular order; Be Bop Deluxe, America, Harry Chapin, Oh Calcutta, Leo Sayer, George Carlin, Major Holley, Roger Kellaway, Tower of Power, Buck Owens, Van Halen, Kenny Loggins, Natalie Cole, Alvin Lee, Jimmy Buffett, Herb Ellis, Buddy Tate, Milt Hinton, Bobby Rosengarden, Dick Hyman, Al Grey, Bill Watrous, Jay Mcshann, War, Ken Scott, George Crumb, Todd Rundgren, Police, and Al Green. A sixteen track recording studio was designed and constructed for commercial clients including Audio Express, Doug Clark Productions, KIR Films, and numerous bands.

Introductory Recording classes and House of Worship soundman techniques seminars were also taught to over 500 students in the Gabriel Studios. During this period Brent wrote articles and reviews for various trade publications including Broadcast and The Audio Amateur.

With all of the invaluable hands-on experience that had been gained in the mid 1980's Brent focused attention towards sales, service and installation of A/V systems. A low voltage intercommunications contractors license was obtained along with several professional audio lines. Early on Brent recognized the importance of utilizing the Techron TEF10 time, energy, and frequency audio analyzer for design of sound systems in acoustic spaces.

Mr. Gabrielsen has designed\built numerous houses of worship, city council chambers, auditoriums, meeting halls, and board room A/V systems. Some of the more unusual projects include under water sound system, drive-up church radio transmission system, Custom measurement equipment designed for a University Speech & Hearing dept., and custom military flight line intercommunications systems.  He has consulted for several Speaker manufactures, NYC recording studios, and church organizations.

Prior to his staff job at ASU, he installed and maintained equipment for various ASU departments including, Memorial Union, Speech and Hearing, Music, Book Store, and Baseball Stadium.

In 1984 he accepted a new staff position of Senior Electronics Technician, with the ASU, Music department in Tempe.  He was ask to self direct and manage all aspects of this new line including establishing a budget, consulting and advising for all media needs, and execution of services.  In 2007 he was reclassified to the position of Technical Director since the Electronics Technician classification had been dropped from the state universities system.

Research Interests

My current research interest include, AV systems and digital technology for instructional settings.