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Husain Lateef

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Grad Service Assistant
Student Worker, DTPHX Campus, Mailcode 3920
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Graduate Student
Social Work
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Husain Lateef received his MSW from the University of Michigan's School of Social Work at Ann Arbor and his BA from Morehouse College's Department of Psychology in Atlanta, GA. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate within the School of Social Work at Arizona State University. 

Husain's research focuses on advancing social work's ability to meet the needs of African American youth through prevention programs in a way that is strengths-based, and that incorporates their culture and history. One of his publications, Afrocentricity Theory, Revisited: An Alternative Framework for Assisting Black Youth, received the best non-empirical article for the year of 2015 by the publishing journal Perspectives on Social Work.

Husain is also interested in furthering social work's ability to respond effectively to meet the needs of juvenile violent offenders before and after their release. He currently serves as the lead social worker and field instructor at the Arizona Justice Project, providing re-entry services to Juvenile Lifers. 


Research Interests
  • Development of Culturally Grounded Prevention Programs for African American Youth
  • Measurement of African Centered Constructs
  • Identity Formation Amongst African American Youth
  • Interprofessional Practice Between Social Work and Law
  • West and Central African Paradigms of Human Development

Lateef, H., & Anthony, E. K. (2018). Frameworks for African-centered youth development: A critical comparison of the Nguzo Saba and the Five C’s. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work. doi:10.1080 /15313204.2018.1449690

Lateef, H., & Androff, D. (2017) “Children Can’t Learn on an Empty Stomach”: The Black Panther Party’s Free Breakfast Program. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare 44(4), 3-17.​

Thomas, D., Lateef, H., Cronin, T. (2016) Intersectional Social Work Perspectives on the Systemic Killing of Black Men. Perspectives on Social Work Journal 11(1) 36-42.

Kulis, S. S., Jager, J., Ayers, S. L., Lateef, H. Kiehne, E. (2016). Substance use profiles of urban American Indian adolescents: A latent class analysis. Substance Use and Misuse 51(9), 1-14, doi: 10.3109/10826084.2016.1160125

Lateef, H. (2015). Afrocentricity Theory Revisited: An Alternative Framework for Assisting Black Youth. Perspectives on Social Work Journal, 11(2), 26-31.

Summer 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
SWG 519Research Methods/Social Work