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Christopher Barton

Management Intern
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 7705
Student Information:
Graduate Student
Innovation in Global Development
College of Global Futures


Chris Barton is a PhD Student in the Innovation in Global Development program at Arizona State University. He holds a Bachelor’s in Sustainability and a Masters in Global Affairs and Management. He is interested in how knowledge is created, shared, and applied in the context of complex, large-scale problems such as sustainability and global development. Specifically, he is interested in how corporations ‘know,’ what knowledge they consider valid and why, and how this knowledge informs their actions with regard to development.

When not thinking about business, development, and epistemology, Chris runs an import company, which helps artisan mescal producers in Mexico reach the American market.

Chris has previously worked as a entrepreneur, a consultant, a writer and editor, and a middle school teacher. He has experience working in Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, and Germany.