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Research Interests: 

Software Defined Networking, IoT, 5G Networks, Optical Networks, LTE and Cable Networks


1) Akhilesh Thyagaturu, Alharbi, Ziyad, and Martin Reisslein. “R-FFT: Function Split at IFFT/FFT in Unified LTE CRAN and Cable Access Network.”, accepted, IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 2017.

2) Alharbi, Ziyad, Akhilesh Thyagaturu, Martin Reisslein, Hesham ElBakoury, and Ruobin Zheng. “Performance Comparison of R-PHY and R-MACPHY Modular Cable Access Network Architectures”. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 2017.

3) Akhilesh Thyagaturu, Anu Mercian, Michael P. McGarry, Martin Reisslein, and Wolfgang Kellerer. "Software defined optical networks (SDONs): A comprehensive survey." IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 18, no. 4 (2016): 2738-2786.

4) Thyagaturu, Akhilesh S., Yousef Dashti, and Martin Reisslein. "SDN-Based Smart Gateways (Sm-GWs) for Multi-Operator Small Cell Network Management." IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 13.4 (2016): 740-753.

5) Akhilesh Thyagaturu, Longhao Zou, Gabriel-Miro Muntean, and Martin Reisslein, “SDN based QoS Adaptive Multimedia Mechanisms and IPTV in LayBack”, IEEE Communication Frontiers, March 2016.

Industry Positions: 

Sr. Software Engineer, Intel Corporation, San Diego, CA                                                                          May’17 – Current
Platform software development for cellular modems in cellular R&D group.

Graduate Technical Intern, Intel Corporation, San Diego, CA                                                                   May’16 – Jan’17
Several roles related to software integration and methodologies in the cellular R&D group.

Engineer, Qualcomm Technologies Inc., San Diego, CA                                                                            May’13 – Jan’15

Protocol development and verification of LTE.

Lecturer, Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT), India                                                                       Jan’11 – May’11
Taught coursework, computational methods, to design a mathematical model for a given physical problem within the context of linear algebra.  Also taught, digital signal processing and its applications for the sophomore class.

Intern, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore, India                                                                        Aug’09– Jun’09 Implemented signal processing algorithm in C using Linux driver concepts for an embedded processor in application to automatic direction finder and missile launching systems.