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Theresa Devine

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Lincoln Scholar
Faculty, WEST Campus, Mailcode 2151
Assistant Professor
Faculty, WEST Campus, Mailcode 2151

Theresa Devine, MFA, is an Assistant Professor in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University. She is an artist and a scholar whose interdisciplinary research draws on the subjects of games, play, psychology, aesthetics, ethics and social transformation.Theresa received her BFA in Painting and Printmaking at Texas A & M University- Corpus Christi in 1991 and her MFA in Painting at University of Houston in 1994.

In her studio artwork she explores games, toys and play. Her work as lead of the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation research lab focuses on researching games to redefine and explore what they can be and how they can be used in concert with art to initiate transformation in our society.

In both her artwork and scholarship, She is interested in discovering how art and play can be understood in order to be activated for social change. She believes that through a greater understanding of art and play, a road to creating a more just, tolerant, and inclusive world can be exposed and that this path can be opened up for others to make discoveries of their own.

Research Interests

Theresa is leading the Studio for Gaming Innovation

“An epic win is an outcome that is so extraordinarily positive you had no idea it was even possible until you achieved it. It was almost beyond the threshold of imagination. And when you get there you are shocked to discover what you are truly capable of.” -- Jane McGonigal

Everything I do challenges the notion that games and art have no importance. I believe that games and art have an untapped potential to move and motivate people to become agents of change. My lab is devoted to investigating our gaming and art history, exploring our gaming and art present and leading our gaming and art future to inspire epic wins in the real world.

  • Juried by Barbara Noonan, Signature Pastel Artist, teacher, and pie enthusiast; Jason Sobottka, professor of fine art at Lake Washington Institute of Technology; William Bricken, professor of mathematics at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Pi & Pie. (2015).
  • Uuried by Catharine Clark, founder and gallerist of the Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco and New York City. Sexism: A Touchy Subject. (2015).
  • Juried by David A. Ross, who has had a 40-year career as an art museum professional and curator. He is currently the Chair of the MFA in Art Practice at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He previously held directorships at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1998-2001), The Whitney Museum of American Art (1991-1998), and The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (1982-1991). He has been involved in the organization and jurying process of major international exhibitions including Documenta, The Venice Biennale, and The Carnegie International to name just a few. The 53rd International Show. (2015).
  • Juried by Mika Yoshitake Assistant Curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, where she coordinated Ai Weiwei: According to What? organized by Mami Kataoka, Chief Curator at Mori Art Museum, and was co-curator of Dark Matters: Selections from the Collection with Melissa Ho. In 2012, she curated Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha (2012) at Blum & Poe in Los Angeles, which traveled to Gladstone Gallery in New York. Tipton Gallery 30th Annual Positive/Negative National Juried Art Exhibition. (2015).
  • Juried by Peter Gabak, architectural historian and RIT professor; Joanna Poag, sculptural ceramic artist and Genesee Pottery studio manager. Structurally Speaking. (2015).
  • Juried by Rebecca Pelchar Humanities Chair, Director of the Visual Arts Gallery, and Assistant Professor of Art at SUNY Adirondack, Queensbury, NY. Small Works 2015. (2015).
  • Juried by The Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council. TRAHC's 27th Annual Juried Exhibition. (2015).
  • Theresa Devine, Andrew Presnell, Sam Miller. Games As Art and Kant's Moral Dilemma What Can Ethical Theory Reveal About The Role of the Game Designer as Artist?. Games and Culture (2014).
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  • Juried by: Craig Nutt: a studio furniture maker and sculptor, whose work is in numerous museum collections including the Smithsonian's American Art Museum, the High Museum of Art and the Mobile Museum of Art Jennifer Poellot Harnetty: is a ceramic artist and editor of Paul W. Richelson, Chief Curator at the Mobile Museum of Art, formerly Curator at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and Assistant Director and Curator at the Trisolini Gallery, Ohio University. Art We Use. (2014).
  • Juried by: Jennifer Cross, Dean of Visual Arts, The Ross School. 2014 Southampton Cultural Center Juried Art Exhibition. (2014).
  • Juried by: Margaret Winslow is the Associate Curator for Contemporary Art at the Delaware Art Museum. Winslow has curated for the Neuberger Museum of Art and the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, assisted with exhibits for the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, and is the curator for the New Wilmington Art Association. 2014 Annual Juried Exhibit. (2014).
  • Juried by: The Exhibition Committee of the Monmouth Museum. What's So Funny? Humor in Art. (2014).
  • Juried Jen Delos Reyes, Assistant Professor at Portland University, Art and Social Practice MFA program. Art and Social Change. (2014).
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  • Juried by Louis Recchia and Zoa Ace. Visions and Viewpoints. (2012).
  • Juried by Stefanie Fedor. 5x5(x5). (2012).
Summer 2018
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IAP 499Individualized Instruction
Spring 2018
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IAP 294Special Topics
IAP 362Games & Narratology
HON 492Honors Directed Study
IAP 499Individualized Instruction
Fall 2017
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IAP 294Special Topics
IAP 462Games and Play
IAP 499Individualized Instruction
Spring 2017
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IAP 294Special Topics
IAP 362Games & Narratology
HON 493Honors Thesis
Fall 2016
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IAP 294Special Topics
IAP 462Games and Play
ACO 499Individualized Instruction
Spring 2016
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IAP 294Special Topics
IAP 362Games & Narratology
Fall 2015
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IAP 294Special Topics
IAP 462Games and Play
MAS 598Special Topics
Spring 2014
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ACO 484Internship
Fall 2013
Course NumberCourse Title
ACO 484Internship
ACO 499Individualized Instruction
  • Screening of Ellis. The Movie, Organizer (2015 - 2015)
  • EXCITE Summer program, Sponsor (2013 - 2013)
  • EXCITE Summer program, Teacher (2012 - 2012)
  • MCC Institutional Advancement, Organization Volunteer (2010 - 2012)
  • TEDx ASU West 2011:, Organizer (2010 - 2011)
  • ASU Young Scholars: Follow Your Passion, Presenter and Teacher (2011 - 2011)
  • NASAW: Native American Summer Workshop, Teacher (2011 - 2011)