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Celina Tchida

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College of Pub Srv & Comm Sol
Research Technician
University Staff, DTPHX Campus, Mailcode 3520
Student Information:
Graduate Student
Community Resources and Development
Watts Col of Pub Ser & Com Sol


I was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. Privilege and circumstance allow me to live in and manage my childhood home. Undoubtedly my deep roots here are a driving factor in my dedication to geographic communities and placemaking work. After three years in the non-profit industrial complex, I am thrilled to be back in academia to explore tactics and paradigms that break down individualist, competitive, fear-based barriers to truly collaborative community work.

Research Interests

Animating curiosities: What would program development, implementation, and evaluation of community development work look like guided by relational principles? What if accountability to collaborators and community members was prioritized? What does genuine and deep participation/collaboration look like, and does it have the potential to shift the social capital of geographically-based communities?

Additional/related research interests: Asset-Based Community Development, Participation and Governance, Arts and Culture, Placemaking/Placekeeping, Gentrification and Displacement, etc.