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Wesley Tierney

Grad Teaching Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 4601
Student Information:
Graduate Student
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


Wesley Tierney received his Bachelor's in Psychology from California Lutheran University and his Master's in Biology from California State University, Northridge.  Wesley is currently a Ph.D. student in Neuroscience In Dr. Ian Hogue's lab at ASU. His current research is on the mechanisms of Herpes Simplex Virus infection of neurons. He has worked in various research labs for seven years ranging from psychology/behavior research, entomology, regenerative medicine and, virology.


Wesley M. Tierney, Toni L. Uhlendorf, Aaron J.J. Lemus, Bianca A. Ortega, Jesse Magaña, Jessica Ochoa, William Van Trigt, Angelica Cruz, Alex Kopyov, Oleg V. Kopyov, Randy W. Cohen (2020). “Transplanted Human Neural Progenitor Cells Attenuate Motor Dysfunction and Lengthen Longevity in a Rat Model of Ataxia”, Cell Transplantation

Nuryyev, R. L., Uhlendorf, T. L., Tierney, W., Zatikyan, S., Kopyov, O., Kopyov, A., ... & Cohen, R. W. (2017). Transplantation of human neural progenitor cells reveals structural and functional improvements in the spastic Han-Wistar rat model of ataxia. Cell transplantation, 26(11), 1811-1821.

Shanmugam, M. S., Tierney, W. M., Hernandez, R. A., Cruz, A., Uhlendorf, T. L., & Cohen, R. W. (2017). Biochemical Mechanisms Associated With Exercise-Induced Neuroprotection in Aging Brains and Related Neurological Diseases. In Physical Activity and the Aging Brain (pp. 85-93). Academic Press.

Spring 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
BIO 340General Genetics
Fall 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
BIO 281ConceptualApproachBioMajors I

Lectures done for: California Lutheran Universities' "Fifty and Better Progam"

Lecture Title: The World of Neuroscience: From Single Neurons to Human Behaviors
Neuroscience, or the study of the nervous system, is a broad and complex field ranging from individual neurons to complex behaviors. This lecture will expose students to interesting aspects and findings from the research world of neuroscience. We will be covering the molecular mechanisms of neuron survival and function; “basic” behaviors such as movement, hearing, and sight; and some higher order actions, such as learning and memory. Throughout the lecture, we will also cover highlights of big scientific advancements within neuroscience and some modern laboratory methods used to answer questions we have about the brain.

Honors / Awards: 

The College Graduate Excellence Award - Arizona State University 2019

Donald Bianchi Outstanding Graduate Research Award - California State University, Northridge Spring 2018

2nd Place Presentation Award - California State University, Northridge  20th Annual Sigma Xi Student Research Conference Spring 2018


Professional Associations: 

Society for Neuroscience

Sigma XI

Graduate Faculties / Mentoring History: 

Mentoring Experience
               2016 – 2018 Undergraduate student researcher, Bianca Ortega
               2016 – 2018 Undergraduate student researcher, Aaron Lemus

Work History: 

Teaching Experience
             2018 - Teaching Assistant, Arizona State University
                         Course: Conceptual Approaches for Biology Majors I Lab
            2016 – 2018 Teaching Assistant, California State University, Northridge
                        Courses: Cell Biology Lab, Genetics, Cell Biology, Introduction to Biology, Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Research Experience
              2018 - 2019 - Graduate Student Researcher: Arizona State University (Dr. Ian Hogue). Neuroscience and Virology
              2015 – 2018 Graduate Student Researcher: California State University, Northridge (Dr. Randy Cohen). Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine


Graduate Association of Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Students (GAINS)

        Various outreach events

        Treasurer 2019 - 2020

Graduate and Profession Student Association (GPSA)

        Research grant reviewer 2018 - 2019