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James Cunningham

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Senior Research Analyst
University Staff, SCOTTSDALE Campus, Mailcode 9508

Jim Cunningham is a Research Analyst at ASU EdPlus Action Lab. Jim's research focuses on linking student success to patterns of behavior in online and open-scale environments particularly in mathematics. He is interested in how machine learning and predictive models can be leveraged to uncover critical factors that separate students who able to progress in math from those who cannot. Some of these variables include non-cognitive characteristics and self-regulatory behaviors. Many students arrive at the university underprepared for college-level mathematics courses. Part of Jim's work involves measuring how adaptive math intelligent tutoring systems help these learners be successful and how this success can increase potential in majors and careers that would be otherwise be closed to these students. Jim received his PhD in Education from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers college at Arizona State University. His dissertation focused on predicting completion in an open-scale college algebra course.


PhD, Education, Arizona State University