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Christopher Rojas

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Grad Teaching Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 4601
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Graduate Student
Biology (Biology and Society)
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


Chris Rojas is a PhD candidate in the Biology and Society program at Arizona State University. He is affiliated with the Ecosystem Services research group in the School of Life Sciences and the Co-Management Lab in the School of Sustainability. His research interests have led him to investigate the empirical foundations for ethical arguments about the environment. For instance, have principled stances such as 'nature having immutable value' historically led to more pro-environmental outcomes than a more compromising (i.e. pragmatic) position? Or, is there evidence to suggest that pragmatism, in the distinctly American philosophical sense, can serve as guiding principles (read: an ethic) for resolving environmental dilemmas? One of the core arguments Chris makes is that cooperation and collaboration is the practical realization of a pragmatic environmental ethic and the uptick in cooperative environmental management (co-management) has been viewed as a necessary step by managers and conservationists given the increasingly urgent nature of their work.

Chris is/will be testing this hypothesis in cases of cooperative environmental management in Arizona including the White Tank Mountains Regional Park and Las Cienegas National Conservation Area.   


BS Psychology, Arizona State University, 2013

BA Philosophy, Arizona State University, 2013

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Research Group
Summer 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
BIO 324Environmental Ethics
Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
BIO 100The Living World
BIO 416Biomedical Research Ethics
BIO 498Pro-Seminar
Spring 2017
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BIO 282ConceptualApproachBioMajors II
Spring 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
BIO 282ConceptualApproachBioMajors II