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Jun Wu

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Research Assistant Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1604
Assistant Research Professor
Academic Professional, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1604

Dr. Jun Wu is currently an assistant research professor in the School of Molecular Sciences and School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU. Dr. Wu’s expertise is in mineralogy and crystallography with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) as an experimental tool. His current research interests focus on application of TEM to high-pressure geoscience, one of the most rapidly rising fields in broad earth sciences. Dr. Wu’s experimental approach – “HPTEM” (high-pressure TEM) coined by himself – uses carbon nanostructures to generate high pressure and compress synthetic minerals directly inside an electron microscope, and has opened up a new in-situ window with high resolution to look into Earth’s interior.

Dr. Wu is now working on a collaborative project on origins of Earth’s water that is funded by the Keck Foundation. He is also interested in (i) synthesizing useful nano-materials using various techniques, and (ii) applying his HPTEM technique to addressing the long-standing puzzle about the cause of deep earthquakes.

Dr. Wu completed his Ph.D. in mineralogy at the Johns Hopkins University before he moved to ASU for his postdoctoral training under supervision of Prof. Peter Buseck.


Ph.D, Johns Hopkins University

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