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Kesha Cummings

Student Information:
Graduate Student
Biology (Biology and Society)
Liberal Arts & Sciences


As an undergraduate student I always knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the sciences. Initially I was driven towards a pre-veterinary track, however after taking various courses I found that my true interests were rooted in the research and conservation efforts of species and biodiversity. After graduating in 2013 with a BS in Biology from ASU, I assisted with literary research and photo identification work as a post-bacc while working full-time.

I am interested in wildlife, conservation, and the relationship between wildlife and human populations. Of particular interest to me are marine animals such as cetaceans, sea turtles, and corals and the local human communities that surround these significant groups.  My aim is to conduct research that provides better clarification and understanding of how human presence affects local species dynamics. Along these lines I would like to study how this information can be applied to fine-tune conservation actions and the policies that dictate them.


B.S. in Biological Sciences, minor in Anthropology. Arizona State University, 2013.