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Daniel Dickson

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Director Student Creative Services
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1502

I have over 40 years experience in the graphics and design industry in a number of capacities; Production Artist, Illustrator, Art Director, Instructor, corporate-level Creative Director, and business owner. The most important personal objectives I have in my professional life is to continually challenge myself and to instill that same desire to learn in those I work with in a supportive, collaborative manner. 


February 2008 - Present: Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Job Title: Director - Student Media Creative Services 
Leading an ever-growing staff of talented students in areas of Video Production, Post-Production and Event Services within the division known as EOSS (Educational Outreach and Student Services)

October 2006 – January 2008: AmeriCopy, Mesa, AZ
Job Title: Design and PrePress Manager
Managed a team of Designers and PrePress personnel in a large, commercial printing environment. Other responsibilities include; hands-on design and production, art direction, management and calibration of large format devices.

December 2005 – October 2006: inVisions - Creative Marketing Solutions, Chandler, AZ
Job Title: Creative Director
Helped to establish the company with responsibilities being brand identity, marketing material, design and production of product media, website design – creation – and maintenance, and online ordering.

April 2004 – December 2004: High Tech Institute, Phoenix, AZ
Job Title: Digital Design Instructor
Part-time instructor in the Digital Design (Associates Degree) Program. Instruction ranging from General Design Basics to Multimedia.

January 1996 – November 2001: Alpha Omega Publications, Chandler, AZ
Job Title: Director of Creative Services
Duties include: Managing a staff of 20 individuals; artists, designers, and multimedia personnel in the creation and production of material for a wide range of CD-ROM, Internet, and paper-based educational products. Personally responsible for package design and corporate identity projects and coordinating efforts with senior management.

August 1981 – December 1995: Subia Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona
Job Title: Illustrator/Computer Graphics Specialist
Designed and produced artwork for a wide variety of clients ranging from corporate to small business. Illustration: Airbrush, pencil, pen and ink, mixed media, cartooning, photo-retouching.

1981 – 2006 Dickson Creative Services, LLC, Phoenix, AZ
Job Title: Owner/Creative Director
Dickson Creative Services, LLC, has been a freelance resource to area businesses for over 20 years. Personal duties include management of subcontractors (as needed), art direction of projects, and hands-on production.

July 1977 – July 1981: E.F. Johnson, Co., Waseca, Minnesota
Job Title: Senior Graphic Arts Specialist
Designed and produced print and multimedia materials for corporate marketing and internal training. Responsibilities included; photography, illustration, cartooning and audio recording / editing.

Computer Graphics Applications: 
Latest versions of:  Adobe Creative Suite: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro suite of applications

Skills and Demonstrated Expertise:

Project and Product Management
1. Established, coordinated, and maintained the archiving process of all art, multimedia, and audio/video files to CD (as well as a network portfolio) incorporating a database application for easy retrieval.

2. Defined and determined project parameters based upon resource availability and estimated task assessments (incorporating some aspects of MSProject).
3. Lead designer in most packaging, marketing materials relative to actual product development, as well as logo development (corporate identity programs) 
4. Defined and incorporated the position of Aesthetics Coordinator as part of our production procedure to maintain high levels of quality assurance.

5. Defined a network-accessible labor allocations database for the department, which was implemented by internal programmers.
6. Defined both the paper-based as well as a network accessible Input Request Form for both specific departmental and corporate-wide use.

Teamwork and Leadership
1. Developed both the departmental Job Title (responsibilities and capabilities), as well as personnel policies for Creative Services.
2. Served on the corporate policy development committee.
3. Served as chairperson of a company-wide communications committee and developed a communications model for problem solving and decision-making.
4. Have served as a youth counselor for both church and school-related activities.
5. Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout (B.S.A) during my high school years.

1. Strong conventional skills (pre computer-aided), which are demonstrated in more effective concept and design abilities.

2. Have used applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator since their first version release. Experienced the onset of desktop publishing in its early stages.

3. Have worked in nearly every area of the visual communications field from graphics, illustration, cartooning, layout and design, audio/video (pre and post production), 3D graphics and animation, print, CD, and web media content.

4. The ability to learn new applications for both production and management-related tasks as needed. Experienced in both Mac and PC platforms, in both network and desktop environments.


1978-79: Mankato Area Vocational Technical Institute*, Mankato Minnesota
- Course Title: Commercial Art and Illustration. Includes; Layout and Design, Fashion Illustration, Photo-Retouching, Mixed media, Photography.

 1976-77: Willmar Area Vocational Technical Institute*, Willmar, Minnesota
- Course Title: Technical Art and Illustration. Includes; Technical Rendering, Orthographic and Perspective Drawing, Assembly Drawing, Photography.

* Both schools have changed their names and affiliations since attending