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Breanne Lott

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Career & Prof Devlpmnt Svcs T
Program Coordinator
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1312

Breanne Lott, Global Career Initiatives Coordinator, promotes career readiness among ASU's 13,000+ international students and countless globally-minded domestic students. Breanne is an ASU alum, completing her BA in Global Health in 2012. She is a doctoral candidate and Master of Public Health. Breanne's international experience includes studying abroad in Paraguay as an undergrad at ASU, serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia, developing and co-leading an ASU global intensive experience in the Dominican Republic, and conducting research as a Fulbright student grantee in Nigeria. 

Breanne is excited to extend Career and Professional Development Services to international and globally-minded domestic students and alumni. This includes providing one-on-one and group advising, facilitating professional development presentations and workshops, and partnering across the ASU enterprise to craft innovative global career initiatives.