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Monica Boyd

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Program Coordinator Sr
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 0202

Monica Boyd is the Humanities Lab's Program Coordinator, Sr. The Lab is an experimental space in which interdisciplinary faculty teams work with students from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds to work on complex, critical social issues like how we respond to natural disasters, immigration, and sexual violence. Why a Humanities Lab? Because these challenges can't be solved through science, law, or technology alone. These challenges are deeply entwined with human ideas, beliefs, assumptions, traditions, and values. Humanities research provides the histories, cultural contexts, and value considerations that are embedded within the social challenges facing us and missing from other disciplinary work related to these issues. Mixing the humanities with other disciplines teaches students to consider multiple ways of approaching a problem through inquiry rather than mastering content. Plus, students get to work with faculty researchers and research librarians to mentor them in the process. 

Dr. Boyd's recent research examined narratives of violence against women, when assumed to be committed by men, to ascertain how the Victorians understood gendered sexual violence. Boyd's historical study analyzed Victorian newspaper articles using mixed methods (qualitative coding, narrative and multimedia analysis). While there are too many cultural difference to assume any key continuities between then and now, there do exist systemic forces established within the Victorian period that haunt us in complicated ways today. Boyd's research helped make the spectre of gendered sexual violence more visible by elucidating the history of a period that is consider foundational to many of today's myths about sexual violence.

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Ph.D. Arizona State University
M.A. Arizona State University
B.A. Indiana University

Spring 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
HUL 250Intro Interdisciplinary Rsrch
HUL 499Individualized Instruction
HUL 590Reading and Conference
Fall 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
HUL 494Special Topics
AME 494Special Topics
FIS 494Special Topics
HUL 598Special Topics
AME 598Special Topics
HSD 598Special Topics
Spring 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
HUL 250Intro Prblm-Base Intrdsc Rsrch