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Mary Hutchinson


Marcie Hutchinson is Director of K-12 Initiatives for the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies (SHPRS). She has thirty-one years experience teaching American and European history and sponsoring extra-curricular activities in public high schools in New York and Arizona.

Since joining the history faculty at ASU in 2010, Hutchinson has instructed secondary education students, consulted on federal grants for the Melikian Center and selected and mentored the William C. Jenkins – Helios Education Foundation History Teaching Fellows.  Collaborating with other SHPRS faculty members, she has engaged local schools in the Comparative Genocide and Curating the City public history projects.

Hutchinson is project coordinator, curriculum designer and presenter for Jazz from A to Z, a project designed to enrich students’ and teachers’ knowledge of jazz and other American music in historical context, develop and sustain historical thinking in history classes, and support humanities education through interdisciplinary study. Jazz from A to Z, a collaborative effort of Mesa Arts Center, Jazz at Lincoln Center (NY) and SHPRS, has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant since 2012 to provide workshops for educators and National History Day guidance for students in Arizona.

Hutchinson also holds leadership positions on the Arizona Council for History Education, Arizona Academic Decathlon, and the Melikian Center Advisory boards.

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