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Shane Dixon

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Senior Global Educator
Academic Professional, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 9701

Dr. Shane Dixon is currently the co-lead designer and primary online instructor for Teach English Now .  He has designed teacher training programs for groups from China, Korea, Japan, Iraq, Peru, and Mexico, and has created language programs for companies such as General Electric (Brazil), LG (Korea), and Toyota (Japan).   He is the author of 100 TESOL Activities (a former Amazon bestseller in ESL) and 50 Ways to Teach Reading , as well as several articles .  Dr. Dixon holds a doctorate in educational technology from Arizona State University and a master’s in English (language planning and policy) from Brigham Young University.  His interests include student engagement and motivation, multimedia principles in online design, and a concept called, “making curriculum sticky.” He has four children who have aged him considerably, and he no longer looks anything like his photo. 


Research Interests: 

Online education, flipped classroom, educational technology, ESL, ESL Reading and Writing, teacher training, TESOL methodology, TESOL Certificate.

Here is a link of Shane Dixon guest speaking for President Obama’s 100,000 Strong Initiative

 Peruvian Teacher Training Video:

 Mexican Teacher Training Video:

 Want Dr. Dixon to speak to your university or organization about any of these topics?  Please contact him at !


Fall 2018
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ENG 501Approaches to Research