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Huafang Lai

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Research Professional
Academic Professional, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 6401

Recent Publications:


  • Lai, Huafang, Morris, Gary, Gavan, Kadie, Arntzen, Charles, Chen, Qiang. Plant-derived Virus Like Particles of Norwalk Virus Capsid Antigen for Human Clinical Trials. Plant Biology 2008 (Jun 2008).
  • Lai, Huafang, Chen, Qiang. Characterization of caspase in transient plant cells. Keystone Symposia: Plant Innate Immunity (Feb 2008).
  • Lai, Huafang, Khalsa, Guruatma, Arntzen, C, Chen, Qiang. Development of a scalable extraction and purification strategy for MAbs and MAb-fusion proteins from transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana. Botany and Plant Biology 2007 Joint Congress (Jul 2007).
  • Lai, Huafang, Morris, Gary, Arntzen, C., Khalsa, Guruamta, Chen, Qiang. Purification and Manufacture of Virus-like Particles of Norwalk Virus Capsid Antigen. 2007 Sexually Transmitted Infection-Topical Microbicide-Cooperative Research Center Annual Meeting (Jul 2007).
  • Lai, Huafang, Arntzen, C., Chen, Qiang. Purification of MAb-fusion proteins from Nicotiana benthamiana. The Second International Conference on Plant-based Vaccines and Antibodies (Jun 2007).