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Leah Lommel

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Assoc Vice Pres & COO
Administrative, SCOTTSDALE Campus, Mailcode 9508

Leah is Associate Vice President of EdPlus at ASU and Chief Operating Officer of ASU online. Her areas of responsibility include strategy, conception, and operationalization of online programs, services and new ventures. This includes ensuring ASU online’s programs are rigorous, scalable and, ultimately, promote student retention and graduation.

Leah’s particular strengths include business process redesign and leadership of diverse teams in the development system design and decision-making process. She is an expert on emerging technologies and is constantly seeking innovative ways to find strategies that promote student engagement and success, integrated experiences and administrative efficiencies at an enterprise level.  

Employed in higher education, student services, extended education and information technology since 1994, Leah has over 20 years experience working with higher education processes and systems.   She earned her BAILS in Business Administration and her Masters of Administration in Leadership from Northern Arizona University.

Research Activity: 
  • Lommel,Leah Lynn*. Transformational Partnership for Access and Student Success in Higher Education. AZ BOARD OF REGENTS(4/1/2010 - 3/31/2011).