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Project Humanities

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250 East Lemon St. Discovery Hall, Suite 112 Tempe, AZ 85287-3003

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P.O. Box 873003

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humanities, culture, Multidisciplinary, multigenerational, community service, programs and events

Department Description

The award-winning Arizona State University initiative, Project Humanities, strives to be a leader in local, national, international conversations about the breadth, depth, and value of humanities study and humanist practice and understanding across disciplines and communities. Project Humanities seeks to connect the University and local communities in talking, listening, and connecting. We further seek to establish and lead multidisciplinary and inclusive public programming that engages local, national, and international communities in humanities discussions.

Project Humanities works to broaden audience perspectives and to show the interconnectedness of humanities within and across disciplines and to create positive change in people and communities across political, socioeconomic, geographic, and cultural boundaries, and in our daily lives. Aligning seamlessly with our institution’s design imperatives to be socially embedded and to leverage our place-- in the southwest, in Arizona, in an urban fast-growing city--Project Humanities is a catalyst for community-building. We engage individuals and communities through discussions and seminars, multidisciplinary events, community forums, symposia, performances, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, film screenings and more.