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Hugh Downs School Of Human Communication

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P.O.Box 871205 Tempe, AZ 85287-1205

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At the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, we explore the complex role of human communication in everyday life and are dedicated to studying and improving communication in everyday life. Our school is internationally recognized for scholarly excellence in the study of communication. We strive to achieve excellence in research, education and creative endeavors in the complex role of human communication in everyday life. Our faculty are well known for their cutting-edge methodologies and innovative research and have developed transdiciplinary strategic initiatives to address the most pressing global communication issues of our time. Our areas of study include health communication, intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, performance studies, and rhetorical studies. Our research and initiatives include the Center for Strategic Communication, the Health Communication Initiative, the Transformation Project, The Empty Space, and Civil, Critical and Creative Communication. As a student in our school, you will learn how to communicate effectively whether with one person or large and diverse groups. Our communication courses will provide you with the tools to understand, analyze and respond to communication problems and opportunities, including interpersonal relationships, workplace teams, and community, civic and cultural groups.