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CLAS Department of English

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Our motto—“Start here, go anywhere”— captures the unique value of an undergraduate or graduate English degree awarded by Arizona State University, one that can serve you in any art form, any discipline, and any profession. In fact, the degree can take you anywhere you wish to travel. The Department of English faculty is internationally renowned for innovative research and teaching and explores pan-world expression of the English language and its literatures, which span the global yet connect directly to the local. The skills of critical thinking, reading comprehension, and analytic expression cultivated in the degree are transferrable into any endeavor. In particular, such skills provide the foundation for creative problem-solving and cultivate individual and collective expression. The department takes as its purview not just historical positioned work, whether linguistic or textual, but includes all forms of expression and all modes of new media, whether analogical or digital. We emphasize writing—academic, creative, personal, public, and workplace—that explores difference reflectively and functionally. Our goal is to educate citizens who can think, read, write, and act in robust and significant ways to meet new challenges.