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Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

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8809 & 4980

Department Keywords

Artificial Intelligence, Theory and Algorithms, Data Mining and Machine Learning, imaging, Graphics and Visualization, Statistical Modeling, Database Management and Information Retrieval, Information Assurance and Security, Multimedia, Cloud and Distributed Computing, Computer Design and Architecture, Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems, Network Algorithms, Social Computing, Enterprise Systems, Health Informatics, Personalized Learning and Educational Games, Production Logistics, Software Engineering

Department Description

Here at ASU’s School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering (CIDSE), we envision a society where secure, accurate, and current information is ubiquitously available and data is seamlessly collected, managed, and converted into information that entertains individuals, empowers businesses and guides the decisions of both in their daily affairs.

We envision our school as a community recognized by its colleagues internationally as a leader in envisioning and enabling the information-driven society and by students as a preferred location for acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to this vision.

We envision a community of scholars cooperatively engaged in transdisciplinary research addressing the grand challenges of modern society and supporting the intellectual growth of students and colleagues.

Faculty Interim Director: Sandeep Gupta Tenured and tenure-track: 67 Lecturers: 17 Professors of Practice 6

Research expenditures: $15,155,092 (FY2015)

Degree programs computer engineering, computer science, computer systems engineering, engineering management, industrial engineering, informatics, software engineering

Fall 2015 Enrollment total 5,183 undergraduate 3,863 graduate 1,320